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Instrumentation and Software

Instrumentation for preparation and characterization of materials, physical measurements, device fabrication/measurement and computational modelling are necessary for development of full structure function relationships in organic materials chemistry.The instrument cluster is located in the Multifunctional Materials Characterization Laboratory, and includes:

Agilent Photodiode Array UV-Vis spectrometer with Peltier and Kinetics Software 
Quantum Design MPMS XL-5 Magnetometer with Evercool, AC, FOSH, and MIU Probe 
Spectra Physics Stabilite RM2018 Mixed Gas Ion Laser 
Perkin Elmer UV-Vis-NIR with Bruker Cryostat 
Bruker X-band EPR spectrometer

Other Instrumentation used in the group includes:
Raman Microscope (Renishaw inVia microRaman system, Laser and Imaging Lab)
Electronics/measurement probes for Photovoltaic and OFET transport measurements 
AFM (Agilent Technologies 5500 Scanning Probe Microscope, Laser and Imaging Lab)
Angstrom Engineering electron beam and thermal metal deposition system
Raith E-beam lithography 
Electron Microscopy (Hitachi H-7000 TEM, Hitachi S-3500N variable pressure SEM with EDX)

Computational modelling of electronic structure, transition states, reaction pathways, and band structures are carried out in the group using the following packages on Westgrid/Compute Canada. 
Gaussian 09
Quantum Espresso

A full list of Standard Operating Procedures for operations carried out in the Frank Group are university restricted and can be found here.